Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1st- Here we go...

So... September is finally here! I was so excited to get up this morning and change to a new month on the calendar. It probably helps that I have the Susan Branch, Heart of the Home, calendar. Her drawings are absolutely beautiful. All the months are beautiful, but September is my favorite.

Although I live in Florida, and the weather has been almost unbearable the last few weeks, we had a cloudy, rainy day today. It stayed in the low 80's. It was still very humid, but it did feel better. We are lucky if we get cooler weather in October! Although it may be hot, I plan to decorate for Fall this weekend. I put a lot into my Fall decorations and I want to enjoy them as long as possible. I will post some pictures when everything is up and complete.

I am in the process of making my wonderful sister-in-law a Fall wreath. Here's what I'm starting with.

Here's Jaxie checking everything out. She loves Fall too! Her birthday is September 16th. My little Fall baby!

Here's what I have so far...I need to finish this weekend. Although I like the simplicity of what I have, I think it needs a little more. I'll post the final pictures soon.

Well, September IS finally here. Before you know, Christmas will be here too. I hope you are making preparations now to ensure your Holiday season is stress free. If you are decorating for Fall soon, ENJOY! If you not, Why not??? I challenge everyone to celebrate the Fall season by decorating your home with a few seasonal touches. Just a few fall leaves or pumpkins here and there, can make a difference. Check back soon for pictures of my decorations.


  1. Hi Erin

    What great surprise for you SIL. She's going to love it!

    Thanks so much for stopping by The Old Parsonage and leaving such a sweet comment. I just became a follower and hoepfully you liked my blog enough to do the same.

    Please visit often, I love company and talking about the seasons, home and family.


    PS it was 48degreees this am!!

  2. Hi
    Your fall decoration looks absolutely wonderful!
    I also love fall - today we have the first "fall day" here in Austria and I can't wait to come home, drink a cup of hot tea and start my decoration!!!