Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November!

So Halloween is officially over...I took down my decorations last night. I always get sad when I have to take down decorations for any holiday. The great thing about taking down Halloween decorations though is that it means Christmas decorations go up soon! I leave Fall decorations up until the weekend before Thanksgiving, then I decorate for Christmas.

Here are a few great tips for putting away your Halloween and Fall decorations:
  • Group boxes or storage bins by room. For example, put all your decorations for your living room in the same box, so you don't have to search in three boxes for one room.
  • Make an inventory list for each box and place it on the lid. That way, you know exactly what is in the box without opening it.
  • My sister in law had a great idea. Last year she put a pumpkin spice candle in with her Fall garlands. When she got the garland out this year, it had a wonderful pumpkin spice scent. Make sure you wrap the candle in paper or plastic so it does not melt on anything.
  • Dust/clean everything before you put it away.
Follow these very simple tips, and it will take you no time at all to put everything up next year! Countdown to Halloween 2010 has begun!

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  1. Love the idea using the scented candle. I will do that when I take down my fall decor.