Monday, July 27, 2009

Having house guests for the Holidays? Here are a few tips to make them feel welcomed.

- Make sure you have a nice, clean, cozy bed.
- Add lots of pillows for extra comfort.
- Try to decorate the guest bedroom and bathroom for the season.
- Have plenty of candles on hand.
- Fill a small basket with the following: light snack, bottled water, candy or gum, lotion, and maybe a magazine.
- Make sure they have room to spread out their luggage.
- Fill the bathroom with all the necessities: towels, bath cloths, body wash, shampoo, lotions, extra toothbrush and toothpaste just in case.
- Always make sure to wake up earlier than your guests and make sure to have something ready to eat.
- Always have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand - everyone loves to indulge during the holidays.
- I also like to have something freshly baked and ready at all times.
These are just a few small ways to ensure your guests will feel welcomed and at home.

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